The sleep test platform that manages your patients with ease is the only online home sleep testing company that direct bills patients' Medicare and/or PPO medical insurance to help cover their costs. 

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Sleep Test Software Designed to Help You Grow

Insurance Benefits
Patients submitted with valid PPO or Medicare plans receive a complimentary benefits check. If applicable, we then direct-bill the carrier.
Our team of associate Doctors are standing by to complete pre-test visits, prescribe the HST, interpret results, issue LOMN's, and complete post-test telemedicine visits and treatment prescriptions if necessary.
Patient Tracking
View all your patients' progress in real-time throughout the entire process in your custom portal. Add chart notes, view documentation, get support, and more!
Patient Portal
Patients can track their progress, submit necessary information, and stay informed about their entire home sleep test journey.
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Provider Software

We Make it Easy to Get Your Patients an At-Home Sleep Test

Our custom-developed online software, SleepTestCRM, allows clinicians to submit patients quickly. From there, we manage patient benefits, telemedicine, shipping, receiving, and interpretation of the data while keeping you informed with real-time email alerts and a custom portal.

  • Submit your patients' information via SleepTestCRM.
  • We conduct a complimentary benefits check and provide patients’ fees before commitment. 
  • We schedule your patients for a pre-test telemedicine visit with a sleep specialist.
  • A sleep test device is mailed directly to your patients with complimentary shipping & receiving.
  • Patients complete a two-night home sleep test in the comfort of their own bed.
  • Patients attend a post-test telemedicine visit with a sleep specialist to review their results.
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Benefits For Provders

How it Can Help Your Practice

We make sleep testing easy and affordable for the patient and you, their doctor. We designed the SleepTestCRM with you and your patient in mind by integrating a full suite of automation and telemedicine that is 100% HIPAA compliant! We will handle the technical details of sorting out payment, insurance, and shipping while you worry about the part you love, sleep medicine.

  • Unlimited home sleep tests
  • Custom-built web-based software platform
  • Built-in telemedicine patient consultations
  • Onboarding training – video and webinar
  • Patient education tools and handouts
  • Marketing tools – free social media content
  • Pre-diagnosed patients directed to your practice
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Using SleepTestCRM

Using SleepTestCRM, you can track patients from start to finish. Simply log into your dashboard from a computer or tablet, screen and submit patients chairside, capture insurance cards with a camera, select the type of test you want, and submit!  

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SleepTestCRM Pricing

When you sign up for SleepTestCRM, we offer affordable options and savings with commitment. 

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$300 in Savings
Annual Subscription

- Access to all CRM features
- Provider locator listing
- Save $300 with convenient annual billing
- No setup fees

Instant Access
Subscribe and start submitting patients instantly.
Live one-on-one onboarding for you and your team.
Patient Assistance
Our customer service team will help guide your patients through the entire process.
Ongoing Support
Complimentary ongoing training, coaching, and support whenever you need it!

A closer look at the SleepTestCRM

Our custom CRM was designed with constant feedback from the sleep medicine community. 

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Simplified Patient Submission

Submitting new patients for testing is a breeze with our new Co-Op patient submission.

Simply complete the single-page form to start the process. The patient will then be notified to complete the necessary information needed to process their test. 

Oh, and don't worry. We will remind the patient to complete the process on your behalf.

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Status Tracking

Keeping track of patients is simple in your patient portal.

  • See all patients by their status.
  • View patient details.
  • Add chart notes.
  • Contact support.
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“One of the biggest road blocks for having a successful dental sleep medicine practice is obtaining a diagnosis. has overcome that road block! It is now easier than ever to have a patient be tested in the privacy of his/her home. The two night study provides excellent results that are interpreted by a Board Certified Sleep Physician. I have had tremendous patient acceptance as well as positive comments regarding the process. Ryan Javanbakht and his Team provide phenomenal service, support and assistance! I highly recommend!”
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HIPAA Compliant
National Quality Approval is a HIPAA-compliant, independent diagnostic testing facility (IDTF) accredited by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Joint Commission.