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Don’t let a sleep disorder add stress during your body’s most important time. Take control of your well-being with a home sleep test today! Convenient. Fast. Affordable.

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Convenient. Fast. Affordable.
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Order Your Sleep Test Today is convenient, fast, and affordable. We're also the only at-home sleep testing provider to offer direct insurance billing. Not covered? No problem. We offer a Self-Pay option for those without insurance coverage or those who choose to use other means such as a Health Savings account. See how it works below.
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Testing Device Mailed will package and mail your home sleep test device.
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After your test is completed and we receive your device, results are delivered to you after careful interpretation by a certified sleep specialist.

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Comfortable product that you barely notice while you sleep! And easy setup with the app to receive data needed for a diagnosis. Ryan and his team really care. They have helped their own family with sleep apnea. Would highly recommend!
K Michelle, California
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How the Sleep Test Works

The SleepImage Ring Monitors Your Sleep

Your at-home sleep test monitors your sleep and your respiration. In the morning, your sleep test will know long you spent in certain stages of sleep and information about pauses in breathing, the absence of breathing, how difficult it is for you to breathe, and the quality of each breath.

Your sleep test is convenient and straightforward but highly sensitive, giving your sleep doctor the information they need to assess your sleep apnea.

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What to Expect

When you order a home sleep test from, your sleep test device will be shipped directly to your doorstep using priority shipping. The device enclosed will be properly packed and tested before you receive it. Patients have a 5-day window to complete their 2-night home sleep test.

Once you have your Sleep Image Ring in hand, you will use it for two nights in a row.

To get started, download the SleepImage App then sign in with your SleepImage Patient ID and Date of Birth. Pair Your Recorder, then Start Recording! owl step one icon

Step 1. Order a Sleep Test. owl step two icon

Step 2. Take the Sleep Test. owl step three icon

Step 3. Get Your Results.

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SleepImage Ring - Sleep Better. Live Better.

SleepImage Ring is a revolutionary approach to screen, diagnose and manage sleep health in children & adults. Easy to use, comfortable to wear, the SleepImage Ring streams date to the SleepImage Mobile App. 

Benefits of using the SleepImage Ring & SleepImage Mobile App:

  • Measures sleep quality
  • Measures sleep duration
  • Evaluates sleep disorders
  • Diagnoses sleep apnea - obstructive and central
  • Manages sleep disorder treatment and treatment efficacy
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New Patients

Download the SleepImage App

The SleepImage Mobile App is a Medical Device Data System (MDDS) intended to transfer, store and display data from a compatible recording device to the cloud-based SleepImage System Software as a Medical Device (SaMD). In order to complete a home sleep test using the SleepImage Ring, you'll need to: 

  • Download the SleepImage App
  • Sign in with our SleepImage Patient ID and date of birth
  • Pair your recorder
  • Start recording 

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New Patients

Sleep Test Results Delivered

What to Expect with Telemedicine

Not all patients need to have a consultation before receiving their sleep test. This is, however, required by some insurance companies if a person wants the insurance company to cover the cost of a sleep test.

During a pre-sleep test consultation, you will have a scheduled consultation with a sleep physician that may include:

  • Screening for sleep apnea and snoring
  • Education on signs and symptoms of sleep apnea
  • Referral for sleep testing for at-risk patients

After your sleep test, our sleep physician will schedule a consultation with you to review your diagnostic data, help you understand the sleep test data and discuss your treatment options. Learn more about telemedicine

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Frequently asked questions
How accurate is the home sleep test?

Our sleep tests are very accurate. We use the top equipment in the industry operating at a 97% success testing rate.

How much does testing cost?

Patients using medical insurance will be responsible for copays of any telemedicine visits and their deductible/coinsurance for the sleep test. We offer affordable prices for patients not using insurance.

If SleepTest is unable to retrieve Study Information from a Testing Device as a result of Your error in using the Testing Device, as will be determined in the sole and absolute discretion of SleepTest, You may be charged a re-testing fee (“Re-Testing Fee(s)”) in the amount of Ninety-Nine Dollars ($99.00).

Can HSA/FSA accounts be used for testing?

Yes! Our telemedicine visits and home sleep tests qualify for both health savings accounts and flex spending accounts.

Why a 2-night home sleep test?

2-night home sleep tests increase our success rate and minimize potential retesting occurrences. This also ensures we gather enough data for our affiliate sleep physicians to properly interpret the study.

How do I get my sleep test?

You can easily get a sleep test by telling your doctor about our service, find a provider, or simply order a test for yourself.

How quickly can I get my results?

Patients who are referred by a subscribing provider will have their results delivered to their provider within 1-2 business days after the home sleep test has been received by Patients who order their sleep test through our website receive their results to their Patient Portal within 1-2 business days after the home sleep test has been received by


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