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+1000 doctors have ordered sleep tests from SleepTest.com
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+30,000 sleep tests have been shipped since our launch in 2016
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+70% of patients tested have been diagnosed with sleep-related breathing disorders
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Let Us Help You Get The Sleep Test You Need

Are you one of the people who has sleep apnea but doesn’t know it? Sleep apnea can be deadly, but about 85% of people don’t know they have it. SleepTest.com aims to change that. Our mission is to eliminate most of the barriers standing between sleep tests and the people who need them. If you think you might have sleep apnea, we can help you get a sleep test so you can know for sure and get the treatment you need.

By offering efficient, direct-to-patient sleep testing and diagnosis, we want you to have an optimal experience leading to treatment that improves your health and happiness. We strive to exceed the expectations of patients, doctors, and dentists and create a more efficient and effective method for testing and treating sleep disordered breathing in the United States.

ryan c. javanbakht of sleeptest.com

Ryan C. Javanbakht

President  |  CEO  |  Apneic Patient 

Ryan Javanbakht is the President and CEO of SleepTest.com. He co-founded the national home sleep testing service in 2016 after discovering his father’s life-threatening, cardiovascular condition was an avoidable one, had he only been given better access to and knowledge of sleep testing. He has since built a powerful team of motivated people whose desire is to create a safer, more effective way of testing. He and our team wake up every morning driven by integrity, with a purpose to provide care to the over thirty million US patients suffering from undiagnosed obstructive sleep apnea.

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We Set the Standard In Home Sleep Testing

We strive to set the industry standard in reliable home sleep testing for at-risk sleep patients. With our efficient process, it’s simple for patients to schedule their tests, take their tests, and receive their diagnoses. Our custom-built, HIPAA-compliant software, SleepTestCRM, makes it even easier for doctors and dentists to connect patients with a sleep test.

We deliver the most advanced, industry-leading home sleep tests to all patients. We follow strict sanitation protocols for maximum safety. The clear instructions we give patients help them get accurate results. And the speed of our process means that most patients will get results in about a week.

Nothing Should Stand Between A Patient And Their Sleep Test

The traditional referral process is often frustrating for both patients and providers. For patients, there is extra time lost and inconvenience due to needing additional office visits at locations that can be distant or hard to get to. Referrals can lead to messy insurance situations, too. And referral doctors may not treat you as well as your regular doctor.

For providers, there’s always a risk of losing a patient with a referral, either because the specialist takes over the case, or because the specialist provides a bad experience and the patient goes elsewhere. Referrals can slow down the process and lead to friction that causes poor patient experiences.

Our process is all the good things about a referralーdiagnosis, letters of medical necessity, and treatment recommendations from a board-certified sleep physicianーwith none of the hassles. With our real-time, automated status notifications, you will always be informed of your patient’s status. They’ll stay your patient.

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SleepTest.com is a HIPAA-compliant, independent diagnostic testing facility (IDTF) accredited by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Joint Commission.