ResMed ApneaLink Air Device Instructions

(All patients should test for 2 nights within 5 days.)


Printed Directions 

View or Download our step-by-step instructions for your sleep test. Please test for 2 nights within 5 days after reviewing our written instructions. 

SleepTest Instructions for ResMed In Home Sleep Test
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Instructional Video

Watch the video on how ApneaLink works. Please test for 2 nights within 5 days after reviewing our written instructions. (Video to follow is from the manufacturer.)

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I turn the device on and off?

To turn on the device: Press and hold the center power button for 3-5 seconds or until all of the lights turn on. To turn off the device: 1. Press and hold the center power button for 3-5 seconds, then check to see that the 'Test Complete" indicator light is green. 2. Press and hold the center power button for another 3-5 seconds or until all lights on the device turn off. Remove the batteries in the device. See detailed instructions HERE.

Do I need to change out the batteries?

Yes, please change the AAA batteries before starting your 2nd night of testing. 

I received a red Test Complete light, can Customer Support see if there was enough data?

The device must be returned before we can review any data. Please repeat the testing process until you receive two green Test Complete lights.

Why are the lights on my device intermittently red?

The device is attempting to reconnect on its own. Once settled, the device will resume recording and the red light will turn off. If the flashing persists, remove the cord(s) from the device and reconnect. 

Why does the effort sensor light keeps flashing red?

The effort sensor belt is measuring your breaths and must expand when you breathe. If the belt is loose and not snug, the device may not be able to register your breathing and will cause the red flashing light. Please adjust the belt until it is snug around your ribcage and the effort sensor light stops blinking red. 

What do I do if I woke up to a red light during my sleep because the nasal cannula fell out of my nostrils and/or the pulse oximeter fell off of my finger?

Place the nasal cannula back into position. Tuck the cannula behind your ears with the tightening bead directly beneath and touching your chin. Apply the provided medical tape. Place the pulse oximeter back into position and apply the medical tape. 

What do I do if my pulse oximeter light keeps flashing red but the instructions say not to wear it unless it's green?

Please try a different finger for the pulse oximeter and use the medical tape. Cold fingers, tobacco use, artificial nails, or poor circulation can cause the pulse oximeter light to blink or turn off and on. Still test with the device, even if the pulse oximeter light flashes red. it will eventually turn green.

Where do I wear this belt and clip?

Wear the belt snug across your sternum and below breast tissue. Slide the clip onto the effort belt on the same side of your body as the pulse oximeter finger sensor. See detailed PDF instructions HERE.

Is the cannula made out of latex?

No, the nasal cannula is made from a soft plastic and is latex free.

Why a 2-night sleep test?

2-night home sleep tests increase our success rate and minimize potential retesting occurrences. This also ensures we gather enough data for our affiliate sleep physicians to properly interpret the study.

How long do I have to test?

Ideally, you should complete your test and return the device in 3 days. However, you have 5 days to test and return the device. After 5 days, we will start contacting you to warn you of possible late fees.

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