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For many dentists and doctors, the biggest obstacle to treating their patients’ obstructive sleep apnea is getting a sleep test. Patients must visit a separate office for a consultation before getting a sleep test. A sleep physician may also recommend a test at a sleep lab, which may be unnecessary and can lead patients to put off getting a test.

Instead, lets doctors and dentists recommend a home sleep test that their patients can get directly. Without having to worry about the sleep test, including scheduling and insurance billing, dentists and physicians can focus exclusively on patient care to achieve better outcomes for all patients.

Benefits for Patients

We understand: you are a doctor or dentist because you want to take care of your patients. You don’t want to do anything that will reduce their quality of care or lead to a bad experience. Fortunately, patients will enjoy many benefits related to getting a home sleep test through, including:

  • Convenient ordering
  • No need to visit another office
  • Take the test in the comfort of their own bed
  • Affordable testing options
  • HSA- and FSA-eligible sleep test
  • We deal with their insurance
  • Rapid results: diagnosis and treatment recommendations in about a week
  • Accurate results

We also strive to offer a great patient experience. We offer great customer service because your patients matter to us.

Benefits for Dentists and Doctors

But it isn’t just your patients who will benefit from using You will also experience many benefits in your office. This includes:

  • Easy referrals: integrated software allows pushbutton referrals
  • Secure HIPAA-compliant portal
  • No second office to steal your patient
  • High follow-through on testing
  • Rapid testing maintains patient momentum
  • Diagnosis and patient recommendations from a sleep physician
  • No need to cultivate a referral network
  • You are constantly in the loop
  • Results can integrate automatically into digital patient records
  • Save your staff’s time and effort

With all these benefits, there’s no reason why dentists and doctors shouldn’t adopt this approach to getting sleep tests for patients. As President and CEO of, Ryan Javanbakht, says, “We now have a medical model that will enhance the delivery of care in the sleep industry by focusing on a patient-centric model.”

Learn How Can Streamline Your Sleep Practice

If you are interested in this innovative approach to getting sleep tests for your patients, please contact us for more information or call 1-800-SLEEPTEST.

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